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Vee Tyre and Rubber Co.,Ltd PCR and LT Warranty Information

Owner is responsible for the mounting and balancing of the tires, proper tire maintenance; this includes timely tire rotation and inflation pressure checks.

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Passenger and Light Truck Tires

When the original tread is worn to 2/32” (1.6mm) or less, and the dealer finds a warrantable condition, the tire will be replaced with a comparable Vee Rubber tire or Credit to the dealer/store where it was originally purchased; Vee Rubber Accepts no liability for other charges such as tire rotation, alignment or applicable taxes are payable by the customer.

The dealer/Store is responsible for submitting adjustment tire(s) along with a Vee Rubber Claim form properly completed (See attached Limited Warranty Claim Form instructions for more details)

Vee Rubber reserves the right to inspect the tire, upon receiving the adjustment claim form, Vee Rubber will review the tire adjustment claim and the information provided with it, then, Vee Rubber will do one of the following;

  1. Approve the claim and forward to the Vee Rubber Factory for Credit
  2. Request the tire(s) ship to one of Vee Rubber Adjustment centers
  3. Send one of Vee Rubber’s Warranty Technicians to inspect the tire

In either case, Vee recommends that the adjustment tire(S) be held until credit is received. Furthermore, when submitting ride complaint, vibration or and uniformity complaints in sets of four tires, Vee Rubber may request additional information such as balancing printout, vehicle information, and customer information.

Dealer/Distributor current selling price will be used to calculate the credit amount

Clear pictures of the affected area (reason for removal) are required with the claim form. Digital image of the pictures and claim form are accepted via regular mail or email to techsupport@veerubber.co.th

Once the claim tire batch is processed, you will received a claim status report in the mail or email

REQUIREMENTS FOR MILEAGE CLAIMS ONLY: Copy of the original installation and removal records (Store receipt clearly showing the customer/vehicle/mileage/tire description/date information)

Please mail a copy of the original claim along with the above mentioned requirements to:

Vee Rubber America Inc
Attn : Technical Services Department
3602 Browns Mill Road SE, Atlanta, GA 30354

Vee Rubber strives to expedite the adjustment claim handling process, and urges customers to submit all the require items as accurately as possible to avoid delays in the handling of the adjustment claim.

Passenger and Light Truck Tires